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the latest from republican senator john mccain, and obama supporter mayor rahm emanuel of chicago. plus analysis from ruth marcus of the "washington post." mark leibovich of the "new york times magazine." bob shrum of the the "daily beast." john fund of the "national review." and cbs news political director, john dickerson. here comes the storm because this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning again. welcome to "face the nation." and if there were not enough political and weather news, add this-- an earthquake that measures a magnitude of 7.7 has taken place off the coast of western canada. no injuries or damage reported so far there. so we're going to start with the big storm up the east coast of the united states, hurricane sandy. for that, we go to chief meteorologist david bernard from our miami, florida, station wfor. dave, tell us what you know. >> reporter: all right, good morning, bob. all right the weather is starting to affect the mid-atlantic states and the outer ban
to do nation building here at home because that is the consensus where the american people are at john. but i wouldn't call it bipartisanship. romney lost this debate on points but he won it because he contradicted the image barack obama has sought to portray of him, reckless, bombing people, putting troops in syria. that is why you are seeing the steady momentum of romney which as of today puts him up in the gallup poll 5. >> el more? >> you can cite the national poll all you want but the election is all about ohio and the president is still doing well there. mr. romney went into this debate not wanting to win, and he didn't. but he wanted to reassure people he wasn't going back to the george w. bush ollis policies. no more iraqs. and he wanted to assure women he was not a war monger. >> uh-huh. >> talking about a peaceful planet and gender quality in the middle east. it is astounding how he has shifted his policies. in fairness he has two sets of advisers. reasonable people working for him and some who would like to reenact the bush years. i think he hears from beth the realists and
. >> reporter: nearby john patricia says he was lucky. his house in the family for 52 years will only have to be gutted. >> unfortunately, that's just the way life is, you know. you have to accept it, and that's the end of it. >> reporter: elsewhere on the jersey shore, fires ignighted by natural gas leaks destroyed more than a dozen homes. in bayhead, first responders drove through the flooded streets in a frontend loader look for stranded residents. others put on hip waders to walk through town. some used canoes and kayaks. where it is safe to drive, there are long wait for gasoline. this line stretched more than a mile on the garden state parkw parkway. back here in long beach island, scott, people who lived along the beach beach here did evacuate. what they return, they will have to decide whether to build so close to the waves. >> pelley: well, can chip, how long will it be before those folks can get back into those homes to see what they've lost? >> reporter: well, scott, we're told by the mayor of long beach island that it's going to be at least a week. it's going to take that long
what all of that could mean for both candidates with john dickerson. he's in our washington bureau. good morning john. >> good morning. >> chip reid mentioned just a little while ago north carolina virginia ohio all in the direct path of this storm. how do you think it will affect early voting and both candidates in these last days before the election? >> well it's already affected the schedules of the candidates. and you know when a candidate comes to town it's not just they come and give their message and people cheer. i want initiates a whole string of activity with getting people to come to the event and those people turned into volunteers in some states ohio i was just in ohio last week people were going from the rally to go vote. if the candidate doesn't visit all of that activity doesn't happen. so where the candidate is and events that are being postponed or cancelled in virginia and there aren't too many in north carolina but in virginia particularly and later in ohio that would be a problem for the campaign. >> john, might this tip the scales in favor
neighbors to the north in new york and new jersey. if your lights never went out, our good friend john from chantilly said give credit to the storm from over the summer. the reasoning is the der etcho in june took down the weaker trees and some of the infrastructure was replaced. that left more infrastructure for sandy to damage and the bright lining for a devastating storm. make some sense, john. there have to be a finite number of weak trees at one time and that herd has been thinned around here. and walton from virginia who said he is 91, had this to say. i believe god has spoken. god has given d.c. a washing. it is time to clean up washington. we survived sandy but never lost power. suspect the hurricane was not natural but hot air from all of those political candidates running for office. well, craig, that would explain some things and it would comfort us with the idea that maybe we won't see anything like this again for another 4 years. and finally, a hearty note of thanks from bruce in crownsville, maryland. i found that i tuned straight to channel 9 to learn first- hand about the st
winds continuing to dangle more than 70 stories up. it is right down the street from this building. john miller spoke with two city engineers who took on the draws task of making sure the crane doesn't fall to the street below. >> reporter: during the storm that snapped the boom off the crane with winds gusting through and swinging the hanging boom back and forth two new york city building department engineers had to get to the top of the building and answer the question would the boom hold or come crashing down? for most of the long climb the only way up was the stairs. >> i've never heard anything as loud as wind howling in my life as we got to the 48th floor and you have to apply so much pressure to open the door. i was with him. we got into the hallway and you could almost get stucked right out. >> reporter: michael and timothy had to check each of the structural braces that held the tower with the crane on top the side of the building. >> we were concerned about the upper most part. if that tie had failed that means the mast could fall. 1,000 foot mast. >> reporter: if the climb up
. and then this from our good friend john from chantilly that says they seem wise beyond their years. rg3 says the right thing and never gives the other side to put anything up on the bulletin board. of course, he's worried about the carolina defense, not about cam newton. on the other side of the ball, cam newton is not having a good year, but i bet that he is wanting to face one of the worst defenses in the nfl. i'm thinking that he will probably light up the redskins on sunday. you know what, john, it would not be the first time that the team got well against the skins. on the other hand, rg3 was due for an off game. and so i'm looking for him to perhaps light up the panthers. speaking of the bulletin boards. here is a quote from the panthers defensive end, regarding our quarterback. and if you put them on the background, you hit them in the face. i would feel like he's going to go into his shell just a little bit. he will need to think about it. he's a quarterback. and that's what they do. okay, you know what, hardy? you will feel like a turtle in the shell, trying to catch up with rg3. pu
. >>> with four days to go until the election, could day's jobs report be a game-changer? >> john dickerson will take us through the road map to victory for each candidate. >>> we begin with today's "eye opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> red cross should have been here. there should -- i have someone coming. >> anger, fear and frustration grow as millions spend another night in the dark. >> we could have died! we couldn't breathe! >> the misery on staten island is being felt by residents in new york and new jersey. >> we have no surprise. our kids are homeless. they're cold. >> millions still have no power. long lines for the little gas that's left. >> it's a dog fight out here. >> this is like pre-apocalyptic scenarios, you know. >> would you like to see inside? >> what does it look like in there? >> pretty awful. >> if you vote for me, we'll win this election. we'll keep moving forward. >> the sign out front is forward. i think forewarned is better. >> the good thing about voting early, ladies and gentlemen -- >> honestly, don't you want this election over already? >> october jobs robt
and john dickerson. as we heard the politicians can take these numbers and spin them both ways. on the one hand there's more job creation. on the other hand there's more people looking for work who can't find it. >> i don't think it changes the whole economic narrative we've had. so therefore you'll have a continue jays of that exact debate. i think it was moderately encouraging the numbers in october and also they got revised higher in terms of job growth. it means we have this firm trend of steady but kind of slower than we would like to see growth in jobs. really both sides can play it. if you came into this thing thinking anything 7% unemployment is unacceptable and need political change it won't change the story. the trend is there and consumer confidence in the job market actually has picked up to a four year high. something is going on that people feel like maybe a recovery has taken hold. >> we have a housing market that's improving. you saw the revision there's. we had an upward revision of 50,000 more jobs created than first thought. in september 34,000 more
as red john. i'm, um, calling to ask a favor. what's that? i would appreciate updates on the red john case. that waywhen my boss asks me what's going on, i have something to tell him. to put it bluntly, alexa, why would i do that? what's in it for me? it's useful to have a friend in the fbi, isn't it? and i'm a good friend. well, i'm a great believer in inter-agency cooperation. i don't see why we couldn't engage in some. i look forward to it, virgil. oh, by the way, one thing you might want to know about patrick jane-- you know how he's been out of sight in the past year? you know where he's been? no. an insane asylum. good luck. done. thank you. (man) good morning. hey, boss. shh. (lowered voice) we caught one. fresno. (lowered voice) get rigsby. let's leave before traffic. okay. stay tuned for scenes from our next episode. >> next on 9 news, sandy continues to strengthen. a devastating storm is on the way in terms of both wind and flooding. eping hair smooth shiny and free from flyaways. new dove style + care frizz free cream serum. better style through better care. and i've got to
atlantic to the midwest. and it is not over yet. >> new jersey governor chris christie with us. our john miller is live in the nypd emergency command center. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener your world in 90 seconds. >> we knew this would be a great dangerous storm and the storm met our expectations. >> new york city is under sea right now. >> storm of the century. >> sandy slams into the northeast leaving millions ofle without power. at least 16 people dead. >> damage estimates are in the billions up and down the east coast. water rushing into the battery tunnel as well as lower manhattan. >> massive fire already decide dozens of homes in queens. >> nyu hospital forced to evacuate. everybody is rolling up their leaves and pitching in. >> land city the storm wiping out a huge section of the historic boardwalk. >> a giant crane snapped. that's a crane that's still dangles over streets of new york city. >> facade after building crashed into a street. >> oh, my gosh. we can set up offices inside a restaurant. police officer came by and tol
continues to dangle over midtown manhattan. john miller takes us inside what went >> we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >>> it's the worst thing that happened to this city certainly since 9/11. >> millions in the northeast struggle in the wake of hurricane sandy. >> at least 55 deaths are reported. >> in sandy's wake, 6.5 million people are still without electricity. >> very difficult day. >> new jersey hit the hardest. >> site of devastation that makes it took like there was a bombing there. >> rescue teams triangle to go house to house helping those who couldn't leave on their own. >> trapped in their house for 24 hours. >> a lot of them were tired. >> take days before subway lines are running normal in new york city. >> most popular guy in the city today. >> guess so. >> wall street will be up and running today. >> breezy point was devastated by fires. the area was completely leveled. >> we're what devastated from this. shocked. shocked that this happened to us. >> governor romney is cautiously venturing back on the kmain trail. president obama ti
campaign is hitting its own targets and the romney campaign is doing better than john mccain in 2008. that secondary aspect doesn't mean much. by the time election day actually arrives, they will have sizable lead in new hampshire, iowa, nevada and possibly in florida enough to carry those states across the finish line. >> major, thanks. cbs is projecting that four out of ten voters will have voted by election day so that -- >> 31% in 2008, could be as high as 40%. this is a huge trend in american politics. >> major garrett thank you so much. time now to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. the "los angeles times" says a gunman opened fire at a halloween party on the university of southern cal university. two people have been detained. hours later they gave the all clear. >>> the "philadelphia inquirer" reports jerry sandusky has been transferred to maximum security prison that houses most of pennsylvania's death row inmates. he's serving a 30 year sentence for child molestation. >> the "wall street journal" reports on a major step towards personalized medicine. t
not be lost." pretty good stuff. ...a letter written by john hancock with a real john hancock signature. and for 20th century buffs, there was the original reading copy of fdr's 1937 inaugural address-- this one... >> president franklin roosevelt: one third of a nation, ill housed, ill clad, ill nourished... >> rosenstein: it was a rainy day. in fact, the reading copy of the speech, the document the president read from that day was waterlogged. and you can see that on the document that we seized from mr. landau. >> simon: and landau didn't just steal from historical libraries. he had taken his campaign of kindness all the way to the white house, befriending president clinton's former secretary, betty currie, who made the mistake of inviting landau to her house. landau was pretty good at making friends with people who could help him, wasn't he? he spent nights at her place. >> brachfeld: bad, bad offer to invite him into your house. >> simon: he arrived at her house with one suitcase and left with two. >> brachfeld: the assistant u.s. attorney actually upped that. i think he said it was
cleveland tonight without john wall on the floor. this year's third overall pick making his lizards debut. lizards on the break, a.j. price to bradley who buries the triple. 8 points for the rookie tonight, not a great night. irving, no such problems. 11 of 20 from the field. 29 points last season. rookie of the year. cavs up 2. cleveland pulled away late. thompson with the dunk. wizards lose their season opener 94-84. >>> major league baseball handed out golden glove awards tonight which honors the league's best players at each position and adam laroche walked away with the first of his career. his teammate, desmond, was a final i see at his position short sop. >>> there's still some high school football to be played with sandy gone. we need your help on choosing the game of the week. here are the choices. the poll is up. we'll be back with more on 9 news. ♪ ♪ >> and that's our broadcast for tonight. we thank you for staying up with us. take you through this whole sandy adventure. >> that's right. our morning team starts on 9 news early again tomorrow, 4:00 a.m. letterman is next. >>
news now. >>> two of the biggest airports serving new york, john f. kennedy and north liberty international have reopened following superstorm sandy. but let's take a look at the airports in our area. we sent jessica doyle to reagan national airport to get information. >> reporter: good afternoon. things are finally starting to get back to normal here at reagan national airport. the first flights of the day i'm happy to report got off on time, about six hours ago. but it could be several days before everything returns completely to normal. here's the reason why. take a walk with me. i want to show you this side of the tarmac. you can see two planes are prepared to take on their passengers. they're filling the slots over there. but on the other side of the tarmac, you'll see it is empty. the situation is the major carriers pulled their planes out of the washington area sunday night to get them out of the path of hurricane sandy and her 60 mile per hour wind gusts. they now have to rotate them back into the airport here at reagan national. that could be a couple days to get ever
officer is facing murder charges now for shooting a suspect in the back as he was trying to run away. john riley is a police sergeant in district heights, police department and is due in court today. riley arrested a man in suspect suspected of stealing a -- september suspected of stealing the motorcycle. suspect escaped and started running down the streets. he shot the man in the back then. prosecutors are seeking a six day prison sentence for former chair kwame brown. he pleaded guilty no june to federal bank fraud. he resigned the council chairmanship. prosecutors filed the request yesterday and it also calls for three years of supervised release and prosecutors say brown deserves credit for accepting responsibility and for cooperating with law enforcement. >>> the time right now is 5:02 and i am watching your money. november is looking a lot better than october. we just enjoyed our best session since mid-september and that was thanks to stronger than expected economic data as for the morning, investors and voters are looking ahead to the big jobs report for october. and checking the nu
day. she was a wonderful woman from alabama and i just spoke to her a lot. >> reporter: john goodman had his own challenge as his oddball friend. >> you okay captain whittaker? i had to have these prepost rouse hair weaves and had to carry that around with me for with months. >> reporter: he's not interested in getting into the pilot seat. have you ever had an interest in flying? >> i thought about it. i thought about it but -- probably not now. i don't know. >> reporter: but he promises audiences will enjoy the flight. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >> an escape to the movies might be a good thing after the we can we had. -- woke we had. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. escape with us right here. i'm andrea roane. >> thanks so much for waking up with us, i'm mike hydeck. monika samtani? mr. bernstein how are you anywhere. >> we are all well and didn't see too much in the way of the impact from sandy as especially considering our friends who are north. i have family in long island. they're okay, they're without power after that. >> our own colleagu
.t.a. workman john o'neil went down for a look in the south ferry station and reported back. >> it's probably up to the two poles from the top. full to the top. forget about it. >> reporter: even after the water has gone away, 6,200 subway cars must be inspected along with 600 miles of track and 468 subway stations. >> the m.t.a. last night faced a disaster as devastating at it has ever faced. >> reporter: joe loda is chairman of the metropolitan transit authority. >> sandy wreaked havoc on the entire transportation system, the subways, buses, metro north and the long island railroad. in every single borough of the city and every single county of the m.t.a. region. >> reporter: utility workers are pumping water round the clock, water that engulfed cars and flooded underground power equipment. nearly 250,000 customers are out of power in manhattan alone. no power means no traffic lights in lower manhattan and no lights means chaos at intersections. and no mass transit makes these the most sought-after vehicle in new york. you're the most popular guy in the city today, huh? >> yes, sir! >> reporte
. >> reporter: a few blocks away from judi, con ed workers like john sullivan and his crew are pulling greats off of flooded transformer vaults. in go pumps and out flows water. the vaults hold transformers that are supposed to work even after being submerged, but they need to be checked. >> this particular transformer is made to go underwater so it should be fine. based on our experience it should be absolutely fine. >> reporter: of the 3.2 million customers without power, 80% of them are in new york or new jersey. >> we've got more chocolate chip cookies coming out very shortly. >> reporter: the fallout from sandy had people in englewood, new jersey, heading to mr. todd's pie shop to charge their phones four days later. power companies from virginia to california have sent equipment and workers to help. >> all this food is being thrown out. >> reporter: the cavalry will arrive a bit too late to save paul nick kapblg's inventory at his restaurant overlooking new york harbor. a six figure loss. you don't seem too upset by this. >> listen, you wrap your wounds and heal and go on. >> reporter:
: john fakara is the editor in chief of mad magazine, which believe it or not turns 60 this year. >> you wanted to do romney boo-boo >> reporter: he has been at the magazine for 32 years. >> we are the guys that were sitting in the cafeteria making fun of everybody. shooting milk out of our nose and doing all those other things. we just get paid for it now. i mean that's basically it. >> reporter: make fun of everything. that's pretty much the credo of mad. from film spoofs of jaws to those twilight vampire movies. to pot shots at politicians of all stripes. here's president richard nixon and vice president spiro agnew, famously dressed up like the con men from the sting. young readers weren't just getting a good laugh. they were learning to read between the punch lines. >> the thing about mad that's always been great and it's our one threat to the years is to question authority. to realize that most people are lying to you. even if they don't mean to >> mad readers knew that an ad for cigarettes was kind of a joke. a sick one. >> only to expose pomposity and dumbness and hidden agendas.
ware john -- the washington regional alcohol program says 40% of all traffic deaths on halloween today, are caused by drunken drivers. so it is once again offering its halloween sober ride program. from 10:00 tonight until 4:00 tomorrow morning, anybody 21 years old or older calling from the d.c. area can get a free cab ride home up to $35 worth. 465 people took advantage of the program last year. so the number to call 800-200- taxi. that's (800)200-8294. >> hope people take advantage of that. >>> people, it will be a happy halloween tonight for tens of thousands of area children who were holding their breaths that sandy wouldn't ruin the night of trick-or-treating. nick monticello joins us live. a lot of folks behind you nick. >> reporter: it's kind of like moths to a light at this point. the camera man there, these kids are having a great time in fact i don't think they even know what superstorm sandy is. so this is kind of an idea to get all the kids out here and one location and a safe spot. they start about a block down on 11th street here and currently at 11th and park in the col
with john hopkins center for technology and education. hands on learning is a big part of the experience -- experiment, but it goes far beyond that. >> you'll learn how to work in teams. then the teachers will be working with the students in helping them learn how to work. around solving the real world problems. >> reporter: the program is called learning integration for tomorrow or lipt. each student goes into a small group, gets an assigned job and title, which requires them to stay engaged. >> if you are working in a smaller group, most people will get it because they feel bigger and you make an idea, you know, one person might not know what they are doing and mess up the project. >> when they finish, they get to stand up and tell the class what worked and what didn't. >> we did the same design, but we only stopped until here. we actually later decided. and because that team, they motivated us. they want that beat down and we just added another floor. >> reporter: for lance's team, that was a good thing. >> four, three, two, one. hand off -- hands off. >> this is their second try of t
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)